2016: It’s Fresh, New and
Waiting for YOU!

As consumers of information
and media, we need to carefully
filter the news and views that
reach our eyes and ears.
I hope that as this year unfolds,
you select messages that
focus on Hope and
Optimism. My “Building A
Powerful Vision” tools are
designed to help you gain a
postivie focus and move you in
the direction of your personal
and career goals.

During the Winter season, you
don’t need to let your plans for
the year lay dormant. You’ll find
my “Building A Powerful Vision”
theory and tips quoted in a
featured article on vision boards
in Weight Watchers Magazine,
(Jan/Feb 2016). The article is
“See It, Be It” by Cari Wira
Dineen. You can also tune into
my featured interview in The
Millionaire Mama seminar
series, in new BlogTalkRadio
episodes, and in “Building A
Powerful Vision” blog posts.

Coming in Spring 2016 are a
new 8-week mastermind and a
Vision Board Party-Pack. Fill
your 2016 New Year’s
Resolutions with Hope and
Optimism, and make this a
year to remember.
Tess Denton
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Tess' Blog Talk Radio
Happy Fall! This season is home to what I love to
call "the productive months".  This is a perfect time
of year to launch a new vision for your future.
Whether you want to change one aspect of your
life orcompletely transform your word, my
"Building A Powerful Vision" tools can help you
gain apositive focus and move you in the
directionof your goals.
Change is doing things differently. Change is
something that can be measured. Change is
Transformation lies beneath the surface - looking
at what happens in your life with greater
awareness and curiosity. It means responding in
new ways to opportunities and challenges.It
means keeping your end goal and your vision in
mind when you make choices as you work, play,
invest, and make career choices.
Are you ready to take the first step or your next
step on your journey? Being with a plan! Creating a
plan of action around a vision is not something
that you are born knowing how to do.  Click on the
"Building a Powerful Vision" Products button
above, to find tools that will guide you every step
of the way. "Building A Powerful Vision Board" and
my "Building A Powerful Vision" Planner are both
designed to help you stay creative, achieve focus
and engaged.
Enjoy your journey.